Teaching Award

  • Top Professor 2017 Teaching Award, Dr. Hsieh was voted by students as the most popular teacher of the Master of Science Information Systems program at Georgia State University.

Courses Developed and Taught at

Doctoral Level:

  • Theory Development

  • Strategic Management of Information & Organization in Digital Economy

  • Research Seminar on Information Systems

  • Advanced Seminar on IT & Systems

  • Research Methodology

EMBA Level:

(Senior executives, including C-level executives of leading multinational firms, with 10+ yrs work experience)

  • Strategic Management of Information & Organization in Digital Economy

  • Corporate IT Strategy

MBA Level:

  • Digital Innovations

  • Management Information Systems

MSc Level:

  • Digital Commerce

  • Advanced Data Management

Undergraduate Level:

  • Modern Database Management

Publication Contributing to Learning and Teaching

  • Lianne Lam, Xueyong Zhan, and J.J. Po-An Hsieh, “NGOs' Framing Strategies and Effects in Collaborative Process: A Field Experiment,” The 76th Academy of Management (AOM) Conference, Anaheim, CA, USA, August 5-9, 2016.

  • J.J. Po-An Hsieh and Vincent Cho, “Comparing e-Learning Tools’ Success: The Case of Instructor–Student Interactive vs. Self-paced Tools,” Computer and Education, 2011, 57(3), pp. 2025-2038.

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