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Dr. Miranda Lou

DBA 2008

Title: Use of Knowledge Management Systems across Nations: Culture-Free or Culture-Bound

Position: Vice President, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Dr. Lianne Lam

DBA 2011

Title: The Double-edged Sword of Environmental Education: An Experimental Approach in China
(* Nominated for Best DBA Thesis Award*)
Position: Professor, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Dr. Wei Wang

PhD 2006

Title: Emergent Use of Enterprise Systems by Employees: Exploring The Human Side

Position: Professor, Department Head, Jinan University

Dr. Xixi Li

PhD 2010

Title: A Motivational Perspective on Post-Acceptance IS Usage Behaviors

Position: Assistant Professor, Tsinghua University

Dr. Rocky Cheng

DBA 2019

Title: How Does IT Chargeback Affects Strategic Alignment and Organizational Performance

(** Best DBA Thesis Award **)

Position: CIO, Bank of China, HK

Dr. Yunbo Lian

DMgt 2016

Title: An Empirical Analysis of Use Patterns of Multiple Website on Mobile Internet

(** Best DMgt Thesis Award **)

Position: Chairman, Shanghai Fuxin Intelligent Transportation Solutions

Dr. Min Wan

DMgt 2015

Title: IT Governance Research of China Environmental Protection

(** Best DMgt Thesis Award **)

Position: Chairman, Leading Technology

Dr. Weining Wu

DMgt 2008

Title: The Success of Customer Relationship Management System

(** Best DMgt Thesis Award **)

Position: General Manager, Guangxi Mobile

Dr. Cong Wang

DMgt 2015

Title: The Impact of Customer Resource Sharing Systems on Cross-Selling Performance

(* Nominated for Best DMgt Thesis Award *)

Position: CIO, People's Insurance Group

Dr. Yaohui Lu

DMgt 2009

Title: Influence of Knowledge Sharing on Usage Behavior of Business Intelligence Systems

(* Nominated for Best DMgt Thesis Award *)

Position: General Manager, Zhejiang Telecom

Dr. Yi Zhou

DMgt 2010

Title: A Study of the Impacts of Event Marketing on Customer Equity at the Individual Consumer Level

(* Nominated for Best DMgt Thesis Award *)

Position: General Manager, Beijing Mobile

Dr. Rong Zhang

DMgt 2009

Title: The Impact of Team Informational Dissimilarity on Organizational Citizenship Behavior

(* Nominated for Best DMgt Thesis Award *)

Position: Senior Manager, China Telecom

Dr. Fan Zhang

DMgt 2009

Title: Symbolic Adoption and Infusion Use of Information Systems

Position: CTO, China Unicom

Dr. Xiaoyun Wang

DMgt 2010

Title: Team Knowledge Diversity and Creativity: Does Share of Explicit and Tacit Knowledge Promote Team Innovation?

Position: General Manager, Technology Division, China Mobile

Dr. Zhigang Han

DMgt 2010

Title: The Effect of Expertise Dissimilarity and Knowledge Sharing on Individual Team Members’ Creative Behaviors

Position: Vice President, China Unicom

Dr. Anjing Zhao

DMgt 2013

Title: The Dynamic Impacts of Employee Job Motivation on Employee Job Performance and Corporate Customer Satisfaction

Position: Vice President, King Teller

Dr. Tony Xue

DMgt 2014

Title: The Role of IT Enabled Mediation Ability for Electronic Intermediary Performance

Position: CEO, SUNIVO

Dr. Liwei Chen

M.Phil 2010

Title: Does Knowledge Empower? An Examination of Knowledge Seeking Behavior in Multinational Corp

Position: Assistant Professor, University of Cincinnati

Junyi Yang

M.Phil 2014

Title: Impact of Information Presentation on Users’ Intention to Explore Business Intelligence Systems

Current Position: Doctoral Candidate, McGill University

Xiaohua Men

PhD 2019

Title: Collective Use for Value Co-creation: Evidence from Customer Data Platforms

Position: Ph.D., Tsinghua University

Xiaocong Cui

PhD 2021

Title:  Decision-Making Dilemma in Human-Automation Interaction 

Position: Assistant Professor, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque

Shinika Byrd

DBA 2022

Title:  The Impact of Personality Traits and Emotional Intelligence on Emergent Leadership
* Nominated for Best DBA Thesis Award*)

Position: Assistant Professor, University of North Alabama

Char Battle

DBA 2022

Title:  Healthcare Innovation Absenteeism: The Rise of Physician Entrepreneurs & Medical Startups
* Nominated for Best DBA Thesis Award*) 

Position: Assistant Professor, California State University, Los Angeles

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