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  • 2021 - Mao, J., Hsieh, P., & Fang, Y., “Research on Capability Development for and the Business Value of Digital Mid-end Technologies” [Role: Co-Investigator]

  • 2016 – Hsieh, P., “Leveraging the Big Data for the Chinese Movie Industry” (Sponsored Research Project) [Role: Principle Investigator]

  • 2015 – He, J., Fang, Y., Hsieh, P., & Schroder, “Understanding Transactive Memory System and Geographical Dispersion in Team Context: A Cross-level Perspective” (Hong Kong General Research Fund: Grant# B-Q36W) [Role: Co-Investigator]

  • 2013 – Hsieh, P., Li, X. & Rai, A., “Understanding the Temporal Progress of Knowledge Transfer and Its Impact on Users’ Evaluations of Analytical Customer Relationship Management Systems: A Cognitive Dissonance Perspective and Latent Growth Modeling Approach” (Hong Kong General Research Fund: Grant# B-Q36W) [Role: Principle Investigator]

  • 2013 – Hsieh, P., “How Do IT-enabled All-in-one Electronic Intermediaries Act as a New Governance Mechanism for Economic Transactions?” (Departmental Research Grant) [Role: Principle Investigator]

  • 2012 – Hsieh, P., & Huang, X, “The Antecedents, Contingencies, and Consequences of IT-Enabled Knowledge Empowerment: A Cross-National Examination” (Internal Competitive Research Grant: Grant# G-YK34) [Role: Principle Investigator]

  • 2010 – Hsieh, P., & Rai, A., “Understanding Post-Acceptance Routine Use, Extended Use, and Innovative Use: Their Differential Performance Impacts and their Motivational Drivers” (Hong Kong General Research Fund: Grant# B-Q22N) [Role: Principle Investigator]

  • 2010 – Wang, W., Hsieh, P., & others “Employees’ Motivation and Usage Behaviors of Enterprise Systems at Post-Adoption Stage” (Nature Science Foundation of China: Grant# 70971081) [Role: Co-Investigator]

  • 2009 – Hsieh, P., Rai, A., & Xu, S. X. “The Antecedents, Contingencies, and Consequences of Post-Adoptive Extended Use of CRM Technology” (Hong Kong General Research Fund: Grant# B-Q17P) [Role: Principle Investigator]

  • 2009 – Hsieh, P. “Understanding Digital Inequality through the Lens of Capital Theories” (Newly Hired Faculty Fund: Grant# A-PC1C) [Role: Principle Investigator]

  • 2009 – Wang, W., Hsieh, P., & others “Employees’ Motivation and Innovative Use of Information Systems” (Nature Science Foundation of Guangdong Province: Grant# 9451503101003590) [Role: Co-Investigator]

  • 2008 - Hsieh, P. & Rai, A., "How Does Customer-Relationship-Management Information Systems Affect Employee Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction" (Internal Competitive Research Grant: Grant# G-SAA3) [Role: Principle Investigator]

  • 2008 - Hsieh, P., Huang, X., & Li, Kevin X., "Can Knowledge Sharing really Facilitate Creativity?" (Internal Competitive Research Grant: Grant# G-YG74) [Role: Principle Investigator]

  • 2008 - Hsieh, P., "Consuming Information Systems: Studying User Satisfaction's Diminishing Sensitivity to System Attributes " (Departmental Research Grant: Grant# G-U468) [Role: Principle Investigator]

  • 2007 - Hsieh, P., "The Impact of Knowledge Transfer on Higher-Level Usage of Customer Relationship Management Business Intelligence Systems" (Internal Competitive Research Grant: Grant# A-PH38) [Role: Principle Investigator]

  • 2006 - Hsieh, P., "The Impact of Leadership Styles on Routine Use, Extended Use, and Emergent Use" (Departmental Research Grant: Grant# A-PA7A) [Role: Principle Investigator]

  • 2005 - Hsieh, P., "Public Information Technology Policy: A Special Focus on China" (Departmental Research Grant: Grant# A-PA4H) [Role: Principle Investigator]

  • 2004 - Hsieh, P., "Georgia State University International Strategic Initiative Grant - National IT Policy Study" (Departmental Research Grant) [Role: Principle Investigator]

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